Home Visits

MMSA’s home visit programs provides an opportunity for the school, family, and local social services to work together towards ensuring the success of all our students.
Each year a target group will be selected and visited by the school staff. The purpose of the home visit will be to demonstrate the school’s commitment to the parents and their children. A visit packet will be given to the parent being visited that includes information and updates about the school, articles for parents, a book as a gift for the student, and a small, symbolic gift for the family. Schools within the Concepts network report that home visits are one of the most effective way of building a stronger relationship with students and their families. The purpose of home visits and the procedure will be communicated to parents before home visits begin, as they still have the right to refuse a visit.
Our administration and faculty will understand that great schools require a high level of student, parent, and community involvement. Parents and teachers should expect to maximally participate in helping students learn through projects (e.g., science fair) and competitions (e.g., Olympiads), national and international trips, educational camps, and all other school related activities.