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Señor Pavia's Spanish Class

Hola! I am Señor Pavia and I am the Spanish teacher here at MMSA.I am originally from Merida Yucatan, Mexico and got my teaching degree at E.N.S.Y. in Merida. I have taught for 29 years and have been fortunate enough to teach in various areas of the world. I have taught in Mexico, USA, Canada and China, as well as have taught a wide range of ages, from kindergarten to college age students. My passion for teaching came from my grandmother, who was a teacher. As a teacher I find it rewarding when my students contact me years later to invite me to life experiences like their graduation. This year I am looking forward to helping my students continue to grow and help them become outstanding citizens of the world. As a faculty member of MMSA I love that my students are committed to improving themselves every year as well as getting help from administration when I need it.

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(O) 651-246-0845 | (D) Ext. 126