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Ms. Stusse's Classroom

Hi everyone I am Ms. Stusse and I am one of the 5th grade teachers here at MMSA. I grew up in the Midwest my entire life.  I have lived in Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, and now Minnesota. I received my undergraduate degree from Bellevue University in Human Resource Management.  I pursued my degree in education years later.  I am finishing the Master’s in Teaching program at Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis and received my educator license in the spring of 2021. My drive to become a teacher began when I began volunteering in my own children’s classrooms and found a lot of joy interacting with students and teachers.  I worked as a paraprofessional for several years and then decided I wanted to go back to school to become a teacher. As a first year teacher I am most excited to get to know my students and families and be a part of a new school family. This year I am looking forward to learning more about different cultures and connecting with families throughout the year. As a part of the MMSA family I am excited to start a new school year and build relationships with students and staff.  I look forward to the great year we are going to have!

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(O) 651-246-0845 | (D) Ext. 229


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P.E. 8:55-9:45 STEM 8:55-9:45 Media Center 8:55-9:45 STEM 8:55-9:45 P.E. 8:55-9:45

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