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Ms. Oskey

Hi everyone I am Ms. Oskey and I am one of the P.E. teachers here at MMSA. I’m from Sheboygan, Wisconsin and went to Lakeland University for my bachelor’s degree and Smith College for my Master’s Degree in coaching.  I became a teacher through an alternate path and took courses and certifications to become a teacher. I became a teacher because I am passionate about developing healthy bodies and mindsets and love working with kids. My favorite part about being a teacher is sharing joy with my students who accomplish a challenging skill after practice. This year I’m looking forward to starting sports teams at MMSA! My favorite thing about teaching at MMSA is our students and families.  I love our community and building relationships with them. I just want to remind the parents to please check with your child’s classroom teachers on which day your student has P.E.  On P.E. days please have your student wear comfortable and casual clothing so that they can move around freely.  Please also have your students wear or bring shoes that: 1)  cover their toes  2) tie or velcro to stay on their feet  3) Have rubber bottoms. Thank you!

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