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Ms. Baker's Classroom

 Hi Everyone I am Ms. Baker and I am the Media Center Librarian here at MMSA. I am from Stillwater, Minnesota and went to Saint Catherine University in Saint Paul, Minnesota for my Masters of Library Sciences. Growing up I was inspired by my teachers, to continue to reach for greater and greater goals, and they inspired in me a passion for learning. As a child I also loved spending time in the library and exploring the many different stories and worlds that books could bring you to. I wanted to bring that passion to a new generation of students, and so I became a librarian. This will be my first year teaching at Minnesota Math and Science Academy and I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know the students. This year I am bringing my passion for reading and writing into the classroom and sharing it with the students in hopes that they will share that passion with me.

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(O) 651-246-0845 | (D) Ext. 224