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Mr. Yesil's Classroom

Hi everyone I am Mr. Yesil and I am one of the high school math teachers here at MMSA. I am originally from Turkey where I grew up and went to Selcuk University to become a teacher. I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. I love math and I want to show students that math is actually easy and fun. My favorite part of teaching for me is children. I like interacting with children and I love helping them understand the most difficult and challenging topics of math. This year I am looking forward to meeting new and returning students. We have been home for a long time due to the pandemic. So, I am looking forward to going on field trips with my students. As a member of the MMSA family I feel like I am part of a great community. And the name of that community is MMSA. Whenever I need help, I know I will be assisted by administrators and fellow teachers.

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(O) 651-246-0845 | (D) Ext. 133