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Mr. Wolffe's Classroom

Hello students and families!  2021-22 will be my 9th year as a teacher, and my 4th year at MMSA.  I’m looking forward to seeing my students from last year become graduating seniors, and I’m excited to teach this year’s juniors so they can graduate next year. As a teenager it was my dream to be a high school English teacher.  I had an amazing role model in Mr. James Devlin, who taught me the joy of mispronouncing words on purpose.  He loved Hemingway’s short stories, and now I do too. He accepted who I was at the time and believed in my potential to become what I wanted in the future. I felt comfortable sharing my own poetry with him.  That is the kind of figure I hope to be for my students. I grew up in hot, sunny, perpetually dry Southern California, so if you are not accustomed to the cold, wet weather we get in Minnesota for half the year, I know just how you feel.  But I love geographic variety and I love to travel, so it has been enlightening to call a different state home.  Some of my favorite places I have visited around the world include Easter Island, Machu Picchu, India, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand.One of my favorite song lyrics is “It’s just an inch from me to you, depending on what map you use.”  We may think we are separated—by geography, ethnicity, culture, language, age, gender, politics, religion—but I try to look at the map from a higher perspective and see us as not very far apart.

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