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Hi everyone I am Mr. Nelson and I am the middle school Social Studies teacher here at MMSA. I have been at MMSA 4 years and look forward to getting to know my new group of 6th graders! I grew up in Willmar, Minnesota about two hours West of the Saint Paul area, I went to school at the University of Minnesota, Duluth where I received my B.A. in History and I did my Masters in Teaching at St.Mary’s University in Minneapolis. Before becoming a teacher I worked for the Minnesota Historical Society for many years giving tours to young people in places like the State Capitol and Ft. Snelling. I enjoyed working with and teaching young people about Minnesotan history so much that I decided I wanted to bring my passion and enthusiasm to the classroom. As a teacher I enjoy helping young people understand stories of the past. Stories with lessons and experiences that can be used in their lives, and help them become more engaged citizens in our society. This year I am looking forward to continuing to help students build their digital skills as well as working on giving students more freedom and choice in how they want to learn. As a member of the MMSA family I enjoy working with a great staff, a special group of students, and having great freedom to teach in my classroom.

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