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Hi everyone I am Mr. McDonald and I am the Middle School Math teacher here at MMSA. I was lucky to grow up in a number of different places. I spent the most time in Switzerland, Washington DC, and Colorado. Now I am here in Minnesota. I acquired my teaching degree at the University of Colorado. My passion for teaching came from my mom, she is a music teacher so she inspired me to give teaching a chance and I immediately loved it! I want to help students enjoy learning and see the beauty in Mathematics. As a teacher I really enjoy getting to know the students and seeing all the different ways they can learn. There is no better feeling in the world than helping a student struggle through a subject then finally “get it”. Last year was my first year at MMSA and I didn’t really get a chance to know all the kids, so this year I am really looking forward to spending more time with all the students. There are many things that made me want to return to MMSA this year, but my favorite part has to be the family culture at the school. MMSA staff get to know the families of students and experience their culture.Parents will receive links to join our Google Classroom to keep an eye on our day-to-day class activities. Please email me if you ever have any comments or questions!

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