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Mr. Goodroad's Classroom

Hi everyone I am Mr. Goodroad and I am an English teacher here at MMSA. I grew up in the Hopkins/Minnetonka area and attended Hopkins public schools from grades K-12. I earned a bachelor’s degree in English and political science at St Olaf College and a Master of Art in Teaching at Johns Hopkins University School of Education. I became a teacher because I enjoy working with students and teaching them how to read and write to expand their knowledge and express themselves. My favorite part of being is a teacher is seeing students grasp a new concept or idea that they are working on in class. This “lightbulb” or “aha” educational moment is exciting and inspiring and keeps me motivated throughout the school year. This year I look forward to being in person with all students this year and having time to reconnect as a school community in the classroom setting. My favorite part about teaching at MMSA is encountering curious minds in the classroom. I see curious minds in staff members and students, and when we can all focus on shared goals there is great potential for learning.

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