Lego Robotic Competition


MMSA participated in the High Tech Kids Robotic tournament at Capitol Hill Magnet School  on 12/7/2014. There were 32 teams in the tournament and our team, MMSA Power, placed 7th in its very first year ! MMSA Power had 125 points after the robotic performances. With that many points we were granted the priviledge of competing head to head. As a school, we would like to say thank you to our 6 amazing students for this successful result.


 Participated Students

– Ku Mo (6th Grade)

– Mykayla Morgan (6th Grade)

– Zakeria Noor (6th Grade)

– Abdikhaliq Ali (5th Grade)

– Abdikhaliq Aden (5th Grade)

– Thea Gilsrud (5th Grade)