Mission & Vision

Minnesota Math and Science Academy

Vision and Mission
The mission of the Minnesota Math and Science Academy (MMSA) is to prepare our students for college by creating an effective learning environment of higher standards and expectations with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that focuses on mathematics, science, and technology.
Effective learning environment included in our mission is where the followings are observed:
  • Mutual respect, trust, and responsibility.
  • Clear & shared goals and expectations
  • Order and discipline
  • Collegial relationships
  • Maximized learning time
  • Recognition of success
  • Promoting and modeling of learning
  • Support of each other’s learning.
Vision: Below is the vision of Minnesota Math and Science Academy:
  • 95% student retention, attendance, and promotion rate
  • Establish an effective character education program that is embedded in the curriculum
  • 80% staff retention rate
  • Excellent parent and student satisfaction
  • Provide engaging, diverse, and effective extracurricular activities
  • Productive community involvement and partnerships
Program Description:

Provide a description that outlines the school’s educational programs and how they are designed to meet the school’s mission and vision. If the school has a Preschool or Pre-K instructional program, include a description of that program.
Educational Model:

The founders of Minnesota Math and Science Academy realize that many of our public schools located in poverty areas are in crisis. To undertake this challenge and close achievement gaps, the school will personalize education by supporting the development of meaningful, sustained relationships among teachers, students, and parents; set clear, coherent goals and expectations that are well communicated to students and parents; and provide opportunities for students to complete real-life, meaningful projects that students can relate to amongst other personalized activities.
Our school design is able to meet the needs of students with different academic backgrounds. The overarching philosophy of Concept School Design is the belief that “intelligence is not an innate ability” rather “achievement is the outcome of effort which is driven by motivation.” Therefore, academics are engulfed in rich and meaningful auxiliary programs to motivate our students and change their attitudes toward schooling and education. Details regarding the MMSA school design are provided throughout this section. 
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