Learning from Home Tips

Distance Learning Tips

1.Set goals. Goals help you stay on task and give you an attainable reward to work toward.

2.Time management. This is probably the most important tip of them all. Make sure you set time apart for studying every day, and treat it like a job. Practicing time-management will ensure your success in class, in school, and ultimately in life.

3.Find a quiet place to work. It is almost impossible to get work done while there are numerous distractions surrounding you, so create a space of peace, an area clear of diversions, or choose a time to work when you have the house to yourself and no one else is present.

4.Limit social media. Logging off all of your social media while studying or attending class can be very helpful in helping to resist the urge to check your pages or respond to alerts and notifications. Make your learning time your priority and reward yourself with some “social media time” as one of your goals for finishing an assignment or activity.

5.Break down tasks and take notes. Two very essential parts of learning from home are to break down large assignments into pieces and tackle a little bit at a time until you finish, the information is far easier to retain that way. Also, take as many notes as you need! It’s all about you getting the information so feel free to jot down as many notes as you feel necessary. And ASK QUESTIONS! Via email, live chat, etc. do not hesitate to get in touch with your teacher and ask any questions that you may have. Teachers are here to assist you in any and every way they are able to.

6. Stay healthy. Both your physical and your mental health are critical, and both need to be attended to even more so when learning from home. It is easy to get into the “flow” of things and totally forget about taking care of yourself. Stay hydrated, take short breaks when needed, communicate with others, and reward yourself for all of your hard work! You’ve got this!